2006 FIFA World Cup Germany Demo

Choose from 127 national soccer teams and a hundred superstars as you battle the best in the world for the coveted trophy

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As a tribute to the legendary FIFA World Cup in 2006, EA Sports is releasing what is sure to be become a collector’s edition game. 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany is a licensed and exclusive game inspired by the greatest sports tournament in the world.

The game is available with options for practice sessions, online play, quick-play matches and penalty shoot-outs. No matter which game-play option is chosen, the action is comparable with prior FIFA versions.

While all the game's controls and rules remain the same, this version takes a unique approach to the World Cup. Players have the option of controlling their favorite team through the entire 32-team World Cup tournament. Or they can chose one of 127 individual country’s teams and guide that team through qualifying tournaments in an effort to reach the final field of 32 teams. The entire game has been designed to emulate reality.

The incredible graphics and new design by EA Sports allow for some dynamic features:

  • The world’s top players are represented along with their statistical capabilities and signature moves.
  • The 12 host stadiums in Germany are represented.
  • Gamers enjoy accumulating statistics allowing them to see how they rate against the game’s norms.
  • Notable improvements to some of the game-play aspects such as better passing, shooting and the addition of penalty kicks

Two new game features up the enjoyment and add unparalleled excitement.

"Global Challenge" - Brings to life 40 of the greatest moments in World Cup history. The player is given the chance to replay each of those moments to see if they match up and their play does indeed make history.

“Online Competition” - Players compete against other gamers with their favorite team. Real 32-team virtual tournaments can be organized creating the thrill of the World Cup for football/soccer fanatics.


  • Tournament Classics - The 40 classic moments that can be relived by avid fans set this game apart. Gamers enjoy learning about the heroes and legendary plays of the game.
  • Graphics - EA Sports is known for the clarity of their graphics and realism of their design. The players and stadiums are well represented giving the gamer an added sense of reality.
  • Pre-Match Events - There are several pre-match features such as player interviews, trivia and team analysis.


  • Online Game Issues - Reports continue of lag time issues for players during online head-to-head matches. Goalkeeping Issues - Some goalkeepers seem inept making scoring just a bit too easy at times.

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